How to Apply

Before applying please check the CMathTeach Designation details


CMathTeach Application Form [doc]

Applications must be made through one of the organisations of which the applicant is a member.

Applicants for the designation must supply all the information requested on the application form which must be signed.  The signature constitutes a contract to abide by the rules of the Institute.

An application will not be processed until all the required information and appropriate fees are received.

Supporting Information

Applicants must supply copies of transcripts of post-secondary qualifications, together with copies of relevant qualification certificates.


Referees must be people who can confirm that the information in the application is correct and comment on the extent to which the requirements for the Chartered Mathematics Teacher designation have been met. Ideally, one referee should be the applicant’s Head of Department or Headteacher/College Principal.

Applicants for the Chartered Mathematics Teacher designation should show their completed Application Form with any additional information to two referees. The referees must sign the Application Form confirming their support of the application. The signature is taken to mean that in the referee’s opinion the applicant meets the requirements for the designation.

Referees will later be invited to submit comprehensive references (pdf). These references are crucial in the consideration of the application, so applicants should ensure that referees have a detailed knowledge of their work.


Annual Subscription
Entrance Fee
Rejoin Fee
Chartered Mathematics Teacher




An annual subscription fee is required in order to maintain the Chartered Mathematics Teacher (CMathTeach) designation. Once admitted to the Register of Chartered Mathematics Teachers, a Registrant’s annual subscription fee will be requested automatically.

Applying for the Designation

Entrance – All new applications for the designation must include the current, non refundable, entrance fee.

Rejoin – If you were previously a Chartered Mathematics Teacher, providing your membership with one of the Organisations is active, you may apply to rejoin the designation. All applications to rejoin must include the current, non refundable, rejoin fee.

Following a successful application, for either entrance to or rejoin the Register of Chartered Mathematics Teachers, the current annual subscription fee will be requested. Applicants will not be entered on the Register of Chartered Mathematics Teachers until the annual subscription fee has been received by the Organisation you have applied through.

Please note that for applicants registered between January and September the annual subscription is only valid until the end of the year of application. For applicants registered between October and December the annual subscription is valid until the end of the following year.

Making Payments

Payments are to be made to the Organisation of which you are a member and through which you are applying. Please contact your chosen organisation to arrange payment.

Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics

The Mathematical Association

National Association for Numeracy and Mathematics in Colleges


1. Could you give me guidance on the length and sort of detail required in supporting statements on the application form?
We are not looking for a particular length of responses but rather that they demonstrate the validity of claims made. A brief statement well-supported by evidence is all that is needed.

2. How can I edit my entries in the form?
If experiencing a difficulty with editing text on the form itself then you might consider creating and spell checking the whole contents of each box in a separate document before copying and pasting into the requisite box.

3. How do I judge whether my degree has at least 50% mathematics content and hence if I need to complete the Additional Competences Form?
If you are unsure as to whether your degree has at least 50% mathematics content then you are to complete the Additional Competences Form.

4. Does the M-Level requirement refer to applicants having a Masters or is just having a PGCE enough?
Where a PGCE is awarded at Masters level then this requirement is not fully covered since engagement at Master’s level post-qualification is sought. However, this could be achieved in a variety of ways. For further guidance, please see Appendix A