Continuing Professional Development

All Chartered Mathematics Teachers, both full and part time, are expected to complete a minimum of 30 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) each year, of which a minimum of 20 hours should be mathematical and mathematical pedagogy, but mathematical pedagogy only CPD is also acceptable.

CPD may also include non-mathematical and non-mathematical pedagogy activities. These activities may be important for career development but their contribution to the overall CPD is limited as the main objective of CPD for the Chartered Mathematics Teacher (CMathTeach) designation is to maintain competence as a mathematics teacher.

Registrants should submit an electronic record of their CPD to the organisation through which they applied for the CMathTeach designation. Normally this should be submitted at the end of each academic year.

CMathTeach Registrant Record

To help Registrants record their CPD, the CMathTeach Registration Authority has provided a CMathTeach Registrant CPD Record Form [doc].

Alternative CPD Schemes

A Registrant may submit a copy of their CPD record using an alternative CPD scheme, for example their employers CPD scheme, the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics’ (NCETM) Personal Learning Space or the Institute for Learning (IfL) Reflect CPD recording scheme.


Secretariat staff, at the organisation the Registrant applied through, will acknowledge records for receipt only and place a copy in the Registrant’s file.

Annually, the CMathTeach Registration Authority will take a sample (approximately 10%) of the CPD records received for detailed scrutiny to assess whether the CPD requirement has been met.

Please remember that your CPD record may be assessed by the CMathTeach Registration Authority. You may submit supporting materials with your CPD record if you think it will help to explain the relevance of a recorded activity.

If the CMathTeach Registration Authority ask questions or request further information, you will be approached by your organisation for clarification. If necessary, a revised version of your CPD may be completed which will be placed in your file.

Examples of CPD

  • Time spent in industry
  • Peer guidance and discussion
  • Coaching and mentoring colleagues
  • Research activities
  • Learning on the job
  • Structured reading
  • Work shadowing
  • Open/distance learning
  • Delivering presentations
  • Learning from the Internet
  • Courses, conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Writing reports and articles for publications

CPD Offered by the Organisations

Specific courses, meetings or events will not be graded or rated by the organisations involved with the CMathTeach designation. Events sponsored or co-sponsored by the organisations may have a statement in the notification that attendance may contribute towards meeting the CPD requirements for the CMathTeach designation.

IMA – Events and conferences

ATM – Courses for Professional Development

MA – Continuing Professional Development: Conferences

NANAMIC – Conferences