Composition of the Registration Authority

The Authority comprises the Chair and three or four members representing each of the Organisations.  All members of the Authority must be approved by their respective organisation’s governing body according to its policies.  With the exception of the Chair, all members of the Authority should normally be registered as Chartered Mathematics Teachers.  The Chair should normally be the Chair of the Institute’s Membership Committee, or otherwise be an Honorary Officer of the Institute.  In addition to the Chair, at least two of the Institute’s members should be familiar with the protocols of the Institute’s Membership Committee.

The Authority is delegated by the Council to enforce the Byelaws relating to the Designation.  Specifically, the Council delegates to the Authority responsibility for:

(i)         the approval and setting up of procedures for election to the Designation,

(ii)         specifying guidelines and criteria for admission to the Designation.

The Authority reports to the Council.  All decisions regarding the award of the Designation will be endorsed by the Council and signed by the Institute’s President.

For further details of the Registration Authority and its members please contact your Organisation.

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