How to Apply

Before completing an application, applicants must read the
CMathTeach Designation details


An application must be made through one of the organisations of which the applicant is a member.

An application for the designation consists of completing the following forms:

Declaration and Payment Form [doc]
Applicant Information Form [doc]
Competences Form [doc]
Pedagogical Competences Form (if applicable) [doc]
Mathematical Competences Form (if applicable) [doc]

Applicants must complete the Applicant Information Form and send it to their organisation electronically with the accompanying supporting information and the appropriate Competences Form(s).

In addition applicants must complete and sign the Declaration and Payment Form, the signature constitutes a contract to abide by the requirements for the designation. This form must also be signed by two referees and submitted to the organisation via post.

An application will not be processed until all the required forms and appropriate fees are received. See the separate page for the Current Fees.

Supporting Information

Applicants must supply copies of transcripts of post-secondary qualifications, together with copies of relevant qualification certificates. These can be supplied either:

  • electronically (PDF format preferred) with the Applicant Information Form, or
  • hard copy with the Declaration and Payment Form.


Referees must be people who can confirm that the information in the application is correct and comment on the extent to which the requirements for the Chartered Mathematics Teacher designation have been met. Ideally, one referee should be the applicant’s Head of Department or Headteacher/College Principal.

Applicants for the Chartered Mathematics Teacher designation should show their completed Applicant Information Form, Competences Form, Pedagogical Competence Form (if applicable and Mathematical Competences Form (if applicable) with any additional information to two referees.  

The referees must sign the Declaration and Payment Form confirming their support of the application.  The signature is taken to mean that in the referee's opinion the applicant meets the requirements for the designation.  

Referees will later be invited to submit comprehensive references [pdf]. These references are crucial in the consideration of the application, so applicants should ensure that referees have a detailed knowledge of their work.

Further Information

To assist applicants in submitting their application there is a Check List [doc] provided.