Fee Details

An annual subscription fee is required in order to maintain the Chartered Mathematics Teacher (CMathTeach) designation.  Once admitted to the Register of Chartered Mathematics Teachers, a Registrant’s annual subscription fee will be requested automatically.


Annual Subscription
Entrance Fee
Rejoin Fee
Chartered Mathematics Teacher




Applying for the Designation

Entrance - All new applications for the designation must include the current entrance fee.
Rejoin - If you were previously a Chartered Mathematics Teacher, providing your membership with one of the Organisations below is active, you may apply to rejoin the designation.  All applications to rejoin must include the current rejoin fee.

Following a successful application, for either entrance to or rejoin the Register of Chartered Mathematics Teachers, the current annual subscription fee will be requested.  Applicants will not be entered on the Register of Chartered Mathematics Teachers until the annual subscription fee has been received by the Organisation you have applied through.

Please note that for applicants registered between January and September the annual subscription is only valid until the end of the year of application.  For applicants registered between October and December the annual subscription is valid until the end of the following year.

Making Payments

Payments are to be made to the Organisation of which you are a member and through which you are applying.  Payment methods for each Organisation can be found following the links below:

Association of Teachers of Mathematics


Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
The Mathematical Association
National Association for Numeracy and Mathematics in Colleges