Frequently Asked Questions

1. Could you give me guidance on the length and sort of detail required in supporting statements on the application form?
We are not looking for a particular length of responses but rather that they demonstrate the validity of claims made.  A brief statement well-supported by evidence is all that is needed. Please work within maximum lengths for the Competences Form of four pages and for the Additional Competences Form of two pages.

2. How can I edit my entries in the form?
If experiencing a difficulty with editing text on the form itself then you might consider creating and spell checking the whole contents of each box in a separate document before copying and pasting into the requisite box.

3. How do I judge whether my degree has at least 50% mathematics content and hence if I need to complete the Additional Competences Form?
If you are unsure as to whether your degree has at least 50% mathematics content then you are to complete the Additional Competences Form.

4. How do I ensure that my personal banking details are as secure as possible when they need to be filled in on the Declaration and Payment Form which may need to be sent in the post to referees?
Please complete the Entrance Fee Payment section of the Declaration and Payment form after the form has been completed by the two referees and just before submission. Details of other methods of payment are also available from the organisation you are applying through.

5. Does the M-Level requirement refer to applicants having a Masters or is just having a PGCE enough?
Where a PGCE is awarded at Masters level then this requirement is not fully covered since engagement at Master's level post-qualification is sought. However, this could be achieved in a variety of ways. For further guidance, please see Appendix A (Please link to our new website)